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Location: Bucharest
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Bucharest – City of the 21st Century

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You are invited to discover the architectural wonders of the 21st century, which define Bucharest as an European capital. For about three hours, you can admire the modern city centre, with an hour stop at the second largest building in the world after the Pentagon, The Palace of Parliament, built by order of Nicolae Ceausescu. The communist leader was inspired by the impressive North-Korean architecture.

But there are also the new steel and glass skyscrapers built after 1989, that are the pride of Romanian young architects.

           Included services: transport, certified national guide, entrance fee to the Palace of Parliament.

IMPORTANT: Passport or other ID document requested for the visit of the Palace of Parliament!

Photo tax not included!

Romanian Revolution testimonies

“We were afraid, it was something transmitted from one person to another. It was a great tension in the streets. We were afraid but something kept us going. I saw blood, human brains… I saw a man ran over by a tank. Imagine that he was taken away by other people and his legs waved like a scarf, as if he didn’t have any bones left. I saw people killed by trucks… I saw people shut dead, 10-15 bodies…”

Egmont Puscasu, Gavroche of the Romanian Revolution, he was 15 years old in December 1989.

“Freedom must be won, it is not something one takes for granted. One is free if he behaves as a free man and wants to remain a free man”
Dan Culcer, Romanian writer