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Wine tasting at Urlateanu Manor

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The trip includes visits to Snagov Monastery with  Dracula’s Tomb (located on an island on Snagov Lake) , Urlateanu Manor with wine tasting and lunch, Bellu Museum and Ghighiu Monastery.

The route will be: Bucharest , Snagov Monastery, Urlateanu Manor, Ghighiu Monastery, Bucharest .

   Snagov Monastery

A century after the church was built (1364), Vlad Tepes (Dracula) built the fortress’s walls and dungeon. A slab on the floor of the church marks the grave with the presumed remains of the count. The monastery, located on an island on the far side of the lake, could only be accessed by boat, making it a great hiding place and a terrible prison. The first books in Romanian written in Latin alphabet were printed here.

 Urlateanu Manor

Urlateanu Manor is a charming villa on the top of the hill in Urlati with wine storage capacity in oak barrels. The beautiful landscape and the fresh rural air invite visitors to relax and to enjoy the small things in life like a nice glass of wine. In Urlateanu, tourists as well as companies clients will find a pleasant and entertaining facility where the fascination of wine and its culture is presented. There, wine tastings can be made on a daily basis and the vinification process is explained by the competent staff. To visit Urlateanu Manor cellar there is no previous knowledge required, but interest.

The Bellu Museum’s construction is built in the old Romanian architectural style. It’s a blend of refinement and purely beauty. Being named the most beautiful 19th century Wallachian manor, it is not a simple architectural jewel but a piece of real Romanian soul.

Ghighiu Monastery is one of the most famous places of worship in Prahova County. The monastic precinct located at Barcanesti is one of the few that have the dedication “Healing Spring”. Raised more than four centuries ago, in the middle of a forest which was part of legendary Vlasiei Forests, monastery attracts pilgrims from all over the country. Two are the reasons why people come to pray here: miracle-working icon of Virgin Mary, brought all the way from Syria and a famous healing spring.

Included Services: transport by car, certified national guide, entrance fees to Snagov Monastery, wine tasting and lunch at Urlateanu Manor.                                                                                                                                                                                                

Photo stops upon request.

Photo tax not included.

Dionysos the god of the winemaking and wine was Romanian

The beginnings of viticulture in this part of the world go back at least 4,000 years. Legend says that Dionysos, the god of wine, was born in Thracia, on what is nowadays the territory of Romania. Romania (known as Dacia 2,500 years ago) had a well-established wine culture. The abundance of food and fame of the Dacian wines were so well-known and tempting that, to put an end to the migratory peoples’ repeated invasions, the Dacian king Burebista (1st century BC), ordered the destruction of all vineyards, as his high Priest Deceneu suggested. The coins issued by Romans after having conquered Dacia (106 AD) or Dacia Felix (Happy Dacia) as the new Roman province was called, presented on their obverse the image of two children offering grapes to a woman – a symbol of the region’s main riches and a proof that not all the vineyards were uprooted.