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Duration: 2 Days
Price: 450 €
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Wallachia and Southern Transylvania

 Price per person 1 person 2 persons 3 persons 4-8 persons
€ 450.00 340.00 240.00 210.00

The two-day journey takes you through the winding beautiful Prahova Valley, introduces you to Barsa Land in Southern Transylvania and the Saxon city of Brasov, the biggest citadel of the seven Saxon citadels in Transylvania, as well as the natural wonders of the Carpathian Mountains, among which the Sphinx and Ialomicioara Cave.  

1st DAY:  Bucharest, Sinaia, Brasov, Bran, Sinaia, Pestera. (10 hours).

2nd DAY: Sinaia,, Ialomicioara Cave Monastery (legends say  it was the shelter of Zamolxis – the Dacian God) , Babele , a natural monument filled with spiritual energy,  the Sphinx , another spiritual energy area, Varful cu Dor , Bolboci, Sinaia, Bucharest. (8 hours).

Please note: Peles Castle is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, Black Church is closed on Sundays.  Included Services: accommodation 1 night in a 3 star hotel, transport, certified national guide, entrance fees to Peles Castle, Bran Castle,  Black Church and The First Romanian School in Brasov, Ialomicioara Cave .

Meals are not included ! Lunch and dinner reservations upon request in Sinaia, Bran or Brasov.

Photo tax  not included.

Optional cable car fee (about 30/ person)

The legend of The Sphinx

Located at an altitude of 2,216 meters in Bucegi Mountains, the Romanian Sphinx is a rock formation which, seen from a certain angle, has a strong human resemblance, with distinct lips and a prominent forehead. It measures eight meters high and 12 meters wide, a similar size with the world famous Sphinx of Gizeh, in Egypt.

Its spectacular appearance, gave rise to several hypothesis regarding its genesis, from geological factors, such as rain, wind, freezing, to some unusual explanations such as an old civilization, the Pelasgi, who carved it as a representation of their supreme deity. Furthermore, there are voices claiming that the Sphinx of Gizeh might actually be just a copy of the Sphinx from the Romanian Carpathians.

Nearby, one can admire another human shaped rock formation known in Romanian as Babele (Old Women), 3.5 meters high. Both formations are shaped in limestone, enduring in a harsh environment with snow all year round, with temperatures around 2.6 degrees Celsius below zero, strong winds and frequent storms in winter.

Whatever their genesis and purpose, one thing is obvious: once in front of them, one can not stop admiring those stones and feels the urge to find a reason for their existence.